iPad 3

iPad 3

The wait is finally over. Apple has announced its new iPad and yes it is called iPad 3 indeed. Most of the rumors and expectations turned out to be true only a few expected features got left off. The new iPad 3 has a higher resolution screen, it has a faster processor, higher data rate connectivity, more powerful battery, better cameras and Siri is included as well. On the other hand the features that turned out to be rumors only are quad core A6 processor, smaller screen size and tactile technology for the touch screen.

The heart of the new iPad 3 is the A5X processor. It is a dual core processor architecture with a quad core graphics processor (the X denotes that) added to it. So the new tablet has the same processor speed as the previous model but the graphics capabilities doubled.

The iPad 3 has a better resolution screen than the high definition (HD) TV sets at 1080P. The higher resolution makes text look smoother pictures sharper. However, the source has to have high resolution as well. Therefore looking at a picture from a website will not look much better because the picture itself is presented in low resolution.

The connectivity may be another area where the difference is very obvious right away. Some of the new iPad 3 models include LTE capability as well. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the new wireless standard that is capable much faster speeds for uploading and downloading data. Both Verizon and AT&T has been rolling out their LTE networks as fast as possible as a result the coverage is fairly good in metropolitan areas. (At least it is good until there are too many users.) The new iPad model is also equipped with enhanced 3G or could be called 4G capabilities. If an LTE network is not available HSPA+ at 21 MBPS (million bits per second), or DC-HSDPA at 42 MBPS still offers a good download data rate. The download speed will be limited by other factors most of the time any way (the source website or even the phone company’s own data connection). The use of these services, of course, requires a subscription from the phone company. The higher data rate also means using more battery power. Especially LTE uses a lot more juice. The user could always save money and power with the Wi-Fi only version that is cheaper, does not require the monthly fee and uses less power. For customers, using the tablet mostly at home or in the office, that could be a better option.

The look and feel of the new iPad is very similar to the older iPad 2 models. It is 9.4 mm thick and weighs 1.5 lb.

The price is structured similar to what consumers are used to. The iPad 2 models will get a $50 to $100 discount.

The iPad 3 is available in stores on March 16, 2012, Friday. The countries initially are US, Canada, UK, Germany, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. In order to avoid camping out in front of the store a preorder from Apple at the Apple Store might be the best option.


  • Processor: A5X dual-core processor with quad-core graphics processor
  • Display: Retina display: 9.7″ with 2,048 x 1,536 pixel matrix resolution (3.1 million pixels total), with 40% better color saturation than previously.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi; with certain models LTE with AT&T and Verizon in the US; Rogers, Bell, and Telus in Canada; HSPA+ (21 MBPS), DC-HSDPA (42 MBPS)
  • Operating System: iOS 5.1 (Siri)
  • Cameras: 5 megapixel 1080p iSight backside illuminated camera, 5 element lens, IR filter, ISP, and video stabilization; HD front facing camera
  • Battery: More battery capacity for an extended battery life (10 hours of normal use on WiFi, 9 hours on LTE)
  • Storage: 16/32/64 GB models
  • Color: White and Black casing
  • Dimensions: 9.4 mm thin, weighing in at 1.4 lbs
  • Applications: Over 200,000 custom iPad applications


  • 16 GB with Wi-Fi: $499
  • 32 GB with Wi-Fi: $599
  • 64 GB with Wi-Fi: $699
  • 16 GB with Wi-Fi and LTE: $629
  • 32 GB with Wi-Fi and LTE: $729
  • 64 GB with Wi-Fi and LTE: $829
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