Electric Car Battery

Electric Car Battery Mounted on Chassi

Electric car batteries are batteries that can be recharged and are used to provide the energy to move the car. The more technical terms used are Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) that moves Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). EVB is also called a traction battery.

Batteries are by far the most important part of a modern electric car. Electric cars in general have much simpler design than their counter parts with combustion engine. A lot of major components are not even part of the arrangement. The battery is the most expensive, heaviest, most maintenance intensive chunk.

Most of us are accustomed to the old car batteries that used for starting the engine, lighting, and energy for the spark plugs. However, the power that is needed to move a vehicle at speeds normal on highways requires much more powerful batteries. Instead designing them to give power over a continued period of time these new batteries need have deep cycles. Traction batteries are designed for high capacity (measured in Ampere Hour, Ah). Other important characteristics are: power to weight ratio, energy density and energy to weight ratio. Therefore an ideal battery is light weight, stores a lot of energy and able to provide a lot of power if needed. Other important features are fast charging, long life, slow decline of energy storage capability and of course price.

Battery technology has been improving rapidly because of the needs of laptops, mobile phones and cordless tools. Electric car batteries can benefit from those advances, however, they still make electric cars, less convenient to use and more expensive than the traditional gasoline engine vehicles. That is why the hope of the industry is emerging new battery technology as a result of continued research and development.

The operating cost of an electric car is less than one with a combustion engine if only the “fuel” cost is compared. However, the full operating budget is dictated by the replacement cost of the battery pack (not to mention the higher initial price tag on the vehicle and the expense of the charging station).

Battery types

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