iPad Mini

Is iPad Mini here for Christmas?

There are rumors floating around that Apple is planning to launch a mini iPad tablet. The product is expected to be in stores for Christmas.  This reduced size iPad is already on the assembly lines at Apple’s manufacturing partners.

The new version will include a 7.85-inch display as the main feature. Why would Apple move into this direction? Amazon Kindle Fire was reported to have surpassed expectations last quarter and sold 5.5 million units as well as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet is doing well. They are significantly cutting into Apple’s sales figures.

The smaller tablets are much easier to hold. If you are mostly reading books, newspaper or browsing the internet, you will be in the same position for an extended period of time. Your hands will not get tired as quickly if you are holding a smaller lighter tablet. Most users will use their tablet for reading primarily. That also makes it less important to own a more versatile and powerful tablet. So why spend the $500 or more if you are better off with a $200 product?

That is why Apple needs to diversify and come out with a smaller product at around $250. This is also the beginning of the battle of the ecosystems. If you own Apple products you will use iTunes. So the hope is that you will purchase content (books, music, movies) from Apple. However, if you own a Kindle Fire you will more likely buy from Amazon. So let the battle begin. The winner is usually the consumer.

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