Whole House Surge Protector

Whole House Surge Protector

 Power surges sneak into your homes and businesses from the power line via your electrical outlets and attack your computers, TVs and appliances. If you are lucky, you only end up finding an unimportant file on your computer that cannot be opened. If you are less fortunate your new flat screen TV is dead.  What can you do to protect your valuables? A simple surge protector plugged in between the outlet and the device is a good and inexpensive start. However, in order to achieve full protection, you need to have layered surge suppression installed. If you chose the right manufacturer you even get a warranty in case something does happen.


Where do surges come from? They can be caused by power fluctuations on the utility line. 30% of power surges enter our homes and businesses through the power lines, telephone lines, and cable TV lines.  These are typically the largest and most damaging surges. 70% of surges are actually generated indoors by small equipment and appliances (AC, vacuum cleaner, etc.) turning on and off. These smaller power surges can wear down and shorten the life span of any piece of electronic equipment from the smallest chip in your coffee maker to your desk top computer. 


How to fight back? The most worthwhile investment to help protect your expensive electronic equipment is to install layered surge suppression.  This means a  main zone surge suppressor installed at the main power panel and individual plug-in surge suppressors at each pieces of your most expensive electronic equipment.


How to choose the right plug-in surge protector? A good quality plug-in surge protector is important to protect against those internally generated surges.  But most surge suppressors on the market will only protect against small surges and they are not designed to handle the large surges that come through the utility lines. Once these plug strips fail they do not provide further protection. Try to select products from reputable manufacturers who specialize in surge protection and provide a good warranty program.


Why have a main zone surge protection devices installed? The main zone surge protection is a surge protector devices installed at the breaker panel, incoming phone line and incoming cable TV line. It will protect the entire home against the large surges as well as extend the life of the plug-in surge protectors. However, the main zone package will not pick up those smaller internally generated surges. That is why for a full protection you need both main zone and plug in surge protectors installed forming a Whole House Layered Surge Protection System.

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