TrendNet IP Camera
TrendNet IP Camera TV-IP612WN

It is becoming more and more popular to install security cameras in homes or businesses to monitor activities. With the advent of smart phones you can even watch your dog via your phone when you are on the go. Many child care places offer a website with user name and password where you can see if your child is being treeted right.

They embed the video into the web page using iFrame which directs the user to the camera’s IP address. There are some security issues because they can see the camera address in the source code, but only for people who already know the password. So in the end, the camera needs to have security that works.

Users have to be careful as TRENDnet IP cameras with “secure” interfaces were recently hacked through a back door. That poses the question. Can you expect privacy when you are connected to the internet? The answer seems to be no once again. Anytime you put an item on the internet, even with password protection, you run a risk. You should always check with the camera vendor what the product’s security capabilities are.

TRENDnet, a TORRANCE, CA company, announced in a press release on February 7, 2012 that they released a new IP Camera firmware which eliminates a documented security threat. A recent product hack revealed a vulnerability present in several TRENDnet SecurView IP cameras.

“TRENDnet’s security team understands that video from some TRENDnet IP SecurView cameras may be accessed online in real time. Upon awareness of the issue, TRENDnet initiated immediate actions to quantify the scope of the issue, initiate corrective actions, and publish updated firmware which resolves the issue.”

Only select cameras purchased between April of 2010 and the present may be affected and require a firmware update. Eighteen camera models have been identified. A list of the identified products is available on TRENDnet’s homepage:

Here is how you upload new Firmware.  New firmware is available at the following link:   Here is how you contact TRENDnet; email for all inquires related to this reported issue to

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