Our Service Overview

My Electrical Expert is a unified company that provides standardized services across all locations. The high level and quality of service that you get from one of our service branches will be the same anywhere in the country.

We offer our expertise in multiple service areas and we also provide 24/7 emergency services as well. Our business is specifically structured to handle any type of job and any service scope and scale there is in the country.

We can mobilize entire divisions or deploy a specialist team as needed. You can count on our team to be the best-suited mix of professionals that brings unparalleled expertise given the type of service that you requested at the time of your call.

In our company, we work as one to deliver the best service to your satisfaction. We do not only give you access to the best industry experts, but we also equip you with the best parts, equipment, and installations in case the repairs will require new parts and structures to be installed on your premises.


We work with you to get the job done from concept to deployment. Our goal is to provide you with a wide array of services including emergency electrical repairs any time you need them.


Here at My Electrical Expert, we have been serving homeowners for decades. Our portfolio showcases different homes of all sizes and setups.


Commercial electrical projects will generally require a higher level of expertise compared to the repairs, upgrades, and installations for residential premises.

Fast and Reliable New York City Electrical

New Yorkers need tough, fast, and reliable electrical service providers that can get the job done right the first time.

Top Notch Tampa Electrical

Are you looking for the best Tampa electricians? The humid weather here can take a toll on your appliances and electrical equipment.

Prime Miami Electrical

A top notch Miami licensed electrician has your best interest at heart. These professionals understand the environmental conditions here and they know how it affects the electric circuits, wiring, and other equipment.