Here at My Electrical Expert, we have been serving homeowners for decades. Our portfolio showcases different homes of all sizes and setups. We serve the electrical needs of residences whatever the size it may be, including but not limited to:

We Are Co-Ops and Condominium Experts

We believe in value, communication, and quality, which is why our portfolio includes residences of some of the most distinguished clients. We take on a variety of projects of any size including town homes to multi-family apartment buildings.

We partner with the best contractors in your area so we get the job done faster. You will have a synergistic team at your disposal collaborating from the start of the project until it is completed and ready for occupancy. We follow a strict and streamlined process to ensure the highest quality work using state of the art design and high end installation techniques.

OSHA Certified Team

We employ professionals and construction teams that are OSHA certified. It is the official certificate of competency provided to professionals who pass the testing and training standards as set by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. OSHA certification is supervised and managed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Apart from OSHA and other certifications, we instill a safety-first culture and take extensive measures to create a completely safe working environment. All our projects will be executed with all the essential safety precautions that have become standard in the construction service industry.

Electrical Service Upgrades

We understand that old homes have a sentimental value—something that you can’t put into dollars and cents. Ancestral homes have a distinct value to those who inherit them. We understand and respect that and thus when we work to upgrade the electrical systems in these premises, we try all that is possible to preserve and restore the theme and architectural style of the premises where we work.

We guarantee that vintage homes will be able to handle the electrical demands of our modern life. We understand that many old homes may not be able to handle the 200 amp electrical service that is commonplace today.

Older electrical systems aren’t capable of handling the load from flat screen TVs, powerful HVAC systems, high tech appliances, computers, smart devices, and other modern equipment.

That is why we are rather thorough when we assess homes old or otherwise. We take all the precautionary measures to determine what improvements are necessary to upgrade the electrical system without disturbing the character of each home.

Residential Specialty Services

We specialize in the following areas:

Lighting Installation

Our team specializes in the installation of different types of indoor lighting. Our goal is to improve the interior aesthetics of your premises. The design of your home’s lighting is essential for any type of living space.

We install lighting systems that best aligns with your specific lifestyle choices. We can offer some of the best lighting equipment and supplies through our partnership with local industry players in your area. Needless to say, we can get you the lighting equipment that best suits your budget.

Our team of lighting experts put your needs first and we guarantee 100% client satisfaction for all projects that we undertake. We get it done right the first time

We provide the following types of lighting systems:

Cooling and Heating Systems

Getting an HVAC repair or upgrade represents a huge investment. New heating and cooling systems improve our living conditions and they make the hottest or coldest days more comfortable. We assist you with installation, upgrade, maintenance, and repair of the electrical systems that support your HVAC.

All Wiring

We inspect and test all types of wiring systems in the home. Our certified technicians will check for efficiency and safety or your home’s wiring. During inspection, they will replace and rewire where it has been deemed necessary.

Identify and trace all circuits and electrical panels. Our team will also work on the installation of distribution panels, ceiling fan installations, transformers, sub panels, LED recessed lighting, and circuit breakers.

Home Electrical Inspection

We provide full electrical inspection of your entire home or residential building. During the process, we will identify potential problems and hazards. We can perform this audit before you purchase a new home or before you sell your current house.

We inspect homes for the following:

Electrical Design

Do you need help with your next project? We can design the electrical section of your new room or even an entire home. We provide custom electrical wiring, lighting, wiring, and computer network wiring according to your specifications. We also provide renovations where it is needed.

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